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Testaments From Our Interns

  • Shereen

    Working at Hire Intellect was a great experience because it gave me a chance to explore different positions and opportunities in IT consulting services. I am also thankful to the people I got to work with as I learned a lot from them; and the experience itself allowed me to determine which areas I needed to improve and what fields/areas suited my skills and interests.

  • F.H.

    Interning in a start-up culture induces opportunities for learning as you’re directly working with other interns and supervisors on real client issues. It also creates a sense of accountability. I know that my work matters, and the insights I generate will be used in developing client solutions. The flexible work environment creates a sense of psychological safety in which everyone loves one another, and they are very accommodating of your needs. I would highly recommend Hire Intellect for anyone who wants to get some experience in a more start-up corporate atmosphere where interns have real autonomy, and a strong voice.

  • Agata

    Few people have the opportunity to work with a group of such amazing and talented individuals like the ones I met during my time at Hire Intellect. I had the pleasure of working with Hire Intellect Team for over a year, collaborating on several projects. During my time at Hire Intellect, I was able to share my knowledge and skills, but also grow my mentoring, leadership and communication abilities, contributing to my own career development. It was a pleasure to help young professionals shine. I encourage all future professionals to join Hire Intellect professional development program!

  • J.M

    Prior to joining Hire Intellect, I had little to no knowledge about what it was like working in consulting. The partners had trust in my abilities and work ethic and I was given numerous responsibilities from the day I joined the firm. While at Hire Intellect, I got to lead numerous projects and was exposed to all aspects of the business, from presenting internal initiatives to senior management, to spearheading business development efforts. At Hire Intellect, people are given the opportunity to hone the technical and leadership skills required to succeed in consulting, all while contributing to the development of a fast-growing firm.