1. Internal Hires

One of the best ways to find talent is to look within your organization. Look for employees who may be looking for a change or a promotion and are likely to fit the requirements of the role you are seeking. You have already invested heavily in your employees, so why not explore them first? 

Internal hires have the advantage that you already know the candidate and their strengths and experiences. Since they already have some familiarity with your organization, you might not need to invest a lot of time and money in training your new employee.

2. Employee Referrals | Employee Referral Program

Employee referrals are one of the most effective means of recruiting talent. They can be even more effective if you incentivise the process. Chances are, you already advertise to find talent. It takes a much smaller investment to set up an employee referral program that includes incentives and can save you money on advertising costs as well as help you move through the recruiting pipeline much faster.

Employees can also act as great brand ambassadors by advertising and posting about vacant positions in their social media accounts. This will help you tap into a wider network of candidates.

3. Recruitment Events

The biggest advantage of these events is the ability to pre-screen tens if not hundreds of candidates during the same day. These events can range from local job fairs to career nights at universities.

Additionally, you might want to consider hosting your own recruiting event, showcasing your company’s philosophy and attracting candidates interested in working at your company.

Besides giving candidates a chance to interact with your employees, a recruiting event offers them a better insight into your organization.

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4. Social Media

Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter provide you with the tools to raise awareness about open positions. You can advertise on these sites and target specific candidates with particular skills or expertise located in the areas you’re seeking.

Make sure someone from your organization will be responding to the comments and messages you receive on your posts or shares.

Social media allows you to promote and highlight your company culture, improving your brand awareness. Include photos and videos that demonstrate that culture to generate excitement about the role and the company.

5. Access Past Candidiates

If you have been recruiting for quite some time, chances are that you already have a pool of resumes and applications that you have already sifted through. A good way to tap into great talent is to contact previous applicants who have shown interest in working for your organization.

6. Job Sites

To increase your chances of filling the position, you can post it on job sites. Many job seekers still use sites such as to find their next role.

A well-written job description with clear, detailed requirements will increase the company’s visibility in the job market thereby attracting more top-tier candidates.

7. Consider hiring a Staffing Agency

Due to the significant amount of time, expertise and resources involved, it may make more sense to use a staffing agency. A reliable staffing agency can streamline the recruiting process and timeline for any role.

Many recruiting agencies offer other services in addition to staffing, such as handling employee benefits and payroll. Some of them are highly specialized, possessing many years of experience and expertise in certain industries.

At Hire Intellect, we employ a ‘lived experiences’ approach with professionally certified resources who possess industry experience as hiring managers. Our disruptive pricing model combined with an adaptive technical recruitment process ensures our clients get the best candidates for their requirements.

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