At Hire Intellect, we scout the right candidates for our clients on a daily basis.

Throughout the years of working in the industry, we have always advised our clients to always take certain factors into consideration.
Here is a list of the top four factors you should consider when hiring staff.

1. Experience

It is important to assess candidates’ previous experience when making a hiring decision. A candidate with similar experience to the advertised role is more likely to be successful at your firm.

This is especially important for small businesses where there might not be much of a budget or time available to train new employees. In order to ensure a good fit, the process should include asking about results and details about a candidate’s past experiences.

2. Education & Credentials

A lot of things can look attractive on paper but turn out to be quite different in reality. This is especially true when it comes to a candidate’s credentials and education on paper.

In most cases, however, there are some basic educational requirements that need to be met in order for the candidate to even be considered in the hiring process.

In most industries, formal credentials do play a role in setting some sort of standard. It’s difficult to imagine hiring a Business Analyst or Systems Analyst without any relevant diplomas whatsoever.

3. Culture Fit

Even though there is no right or wrong culture, you need to ensure you hire candidates who are compatible with the culture of the organization. You should be honest with candidates about what the company values in order to ensure a successful match.

Your organizational culture can profoundly impact your staff’s performance and their ability to reach their full potential. Taking the time to assess a candidate’s personality is crucial in an interview, and can help a company figure out how to best incorporate them into work teams and processes. It can also provide insight into their capacity to handle high-stress environments.

Your staff’s personalities can really affect the mood in your work environment. Knowing what type of personality best suits your company’s current needs will ensure success and productivity. However, it should probably not be a deal-breaker if other boxes are checked. These include skill set, past experience, and your perspective of their potential to grow and prosper in your company.

4. Soft Skills

Soft skills are an important factor in assessing a candidate’s potential with your company. They are hard to measure, but can have a big impact on the likelihood of a candidate’s success in your organization.

Communication skills, problem-solving skills, hard work ethic, and being a team player are all examples of soft skills. A candidate’s time management, confidence and people skills should all be considered depending on the role.

How We Hire Our Clients?

At Hire Intellect, we use a resource assessment method to recommend best-fit candidates to our clients.

We apply a unique combination of fixed-price models and adaptive recruitment processes to ensure the right candidates every time.

And it helps that we ourselves only hire professionals with industry experience as hiring managers.

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